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"I Don’t Ever Want To Get Old" - Mount Disappointment by FOOLATV

J Mascis, Chris Knox, and Lou Barlow walk into a bar….

When I first encountered FOOLATV (which is an acronym for Falling Out Of Love At This Volume - one of my favourite band names), they were an acoustic 2-piece writing honest pop songs and seeking anti-perfection in their home studio, just outside of London.  

Now as a full band, FOOLATV have released their LP “Mount Disappointment” - a pretty perfect lo-fi garage rock record, chock full of raw emotion and honesty.

If you’re a fan of early Dino Jr, early Sebadoh or Toy Love (or anything Chris Knox has done for that matter) then this is a must have record.

The album has a perfect balance of crunchy happy pop songs (“Drunken Sailor”, “Love Is Fading”) and deep visceral garage-anthems (“Crippled Hand”, “She Was a Good Kisser”, and the Husker Du-esqe closer “If I Ever Let You Down…”)

The songwriting is simple, honest, and not shy of brilliant. And you gotta love the anti-production.  Its what gives “Mount Disappointment” such charm and character.  And as artists AND music fans - it’s what keeps us young!  For me, so far, its in my top 3 independent releases this year.  

900 stars  :)image

Do yourselves a favor and download this right now.  You can name your own price at Bandcamp today!



  Forget everything you know about “Modern Rock”.  Just tear it up, burn it down - and start over completely.  Throw out your TV, turn off your radio, and begin again.  Right here.  This is Better Days, the latest full-length release from teenage Rocklanders - Regret The Hour.  Before Better Days, Regret The Hour made great music.  But my expectations were high for this release and they, somehow, have surpassed them.  This release is somewhat of a magnum opus.  With every sweet pop track tearing at your heartstrings, every hummable melody sung from frontman Nate McCarthy’s deep raspy voice, you find yourself continuing to go back for more.  The first track is an absolute gem.  Loaded with timeless melodies. And each track after continues to impress.  As songwriters and arrangers, RTH is showing a lot of growth, yet they stay true to the kind of music they want to make.  Standout tracks: “Tomorrow”,  ”Walls”, “The Runaway” - but really it’s all good.  And RTH have made a great record that really should be listened to in the order they have chosen.  To quote NZ’s The Chills - “It’s a heavenly pop hit”. 500 Stars.  Great job guys.  

(RIP Jesse Yanko - Bass)

  Make sure to pick this record up when its officially released on April 13th.  You can catch RTH on that same day at The Factory in Nyack and on April 27th in New York City.  For more, please visit:  http://regretthehourmusic.comimage

not to be missed, nyc!

not to be missed, nyc!

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